Our international trade lawyers and consultants offer strategic advice and counseling to clients seeking to gain and maintain an advantage in the global marketplace. Our firm’s association with Mayer Brown LLP provides us with a combination of local strength and global reach. Mayer Brown has one of the most prominent international trade practices in the world, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In Brazil, our team includes some of the most experienced senior trade professionals and lawyers in the country. We help our clients understand trade policy and comply with Brazilian trade laws in order to capitalize on opportunities and overcome market barriers. We regularly advise on antidumping and other trade remedy laws and regulations, cross-border trade policies and regulations, customs issues, investments, World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and disputes, Mercosur rules and disputes, and preferential trade agreements.

We have in-depth knowledge and vast experience with virtually every aspect of international trade and investment in Brazil, including:

Antidumping and Other Trade Remedy Investigations in Brazil and Abroad

We represent clients in antidumping and other trade remedy investigations and reviews, anti-circumvention proceedings, and related litigation in Brazil. Our lawyers and professionals have had great success before DECOM in Brasilia. Our ability to fairly present our client’s interests before Brazilian government officials gives our clients a better chance to succeed in antidumping and other trade remedy investigations in Brazil. Our team includes lawyers and consultants licensed in both Brazil and the United States who assist Brazilian and foreign clients in trade remedy proceedings in Brazil as well as Brazilian clients in trade remedy proceedings in the United States, Europe, Asia, and major countries worldwide.

Customs Compliance

We understand the unique customs concerns of clients in Brazil. We regularly advise clients seeking to optimize global sourcing options by taking advantage of free trade zones, temporary duty suspensions, drawback and other special customs regimes, bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements and other trade preference programs. In addition, our customs compliance services include advising on tariff classification, rules of origin, origin markings and customs valuation under Brazilian customs laws and regulations; obtaining favorable tariff classification, origin and valuation rulings from Brazilian authorities; litigating customs disputes and resolving exporters’ disputes with customs authorities in Brazil; and assisting clients with customs audits.

World Trade Organization (WTO), Mercosur and Other Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

We advise business and government clients on their rights under the WTO agreements, Mercosur and other multilateral and bilateral trade agreements concluded by Brazil and Mercosur. As new trade agreements are imple­mented, we keep on top of the process and develop effective negotiating positions and strategies. Often these agreements affect business operations and structures, and our team shows clients what changes are necessary.

Market Access and Trade Policy

Using our business and legal insight, and long-standing relationships with policymakers in Brasilia, we help our clients identify opportunities in the Brazilian market and develop entry strategies to overcome market obstacles. We work closely with Brazilian and international institutions in order to help our clients address unfair or illegal trade barriers, build international business coalitions, and promote business-friendly trade practices in Brazil and worldwide.

Access to Preferential Trade Regimes

We regularly assist Brazilian clients in advancing their interests and in obtaining access for their goods under preferential trade regimes, especially the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) programs of the United States and the European Union.

Trade Compliance, Export Controls and Brazilian Anti-Corruption Legislation

In the past few years, there has been mounting concern over national security and corporate compliance that involve international trade laws and regulations. Our team ensures that clients conduct their global operations in compliance with Brazilian laws governing international trade in goods, services, technology and capital. This also includes advice on customs, export controls, anti-corruption laws and regulations, and other national security restrictions on investment.

Section 337 Investigations in the United States

Clients in Brazil, especially those that have in recent years acquired companies in the United States, are beginning to consider the US International Trade Commission (ITC) as a venue to resolve their intellectual property disputes and protect their sales in the US market. Bringing actions under Section 337 offers many advantages including powerful remedies in the form of exclusion orders that are not available in US federal courts. Our lawyers have considerable experience and have advised both US and foreign companies in Section 337 actions. This experience enables us to better and more successfully represent the interests of Brazilian clients in Section 337 investigations in the United States.


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