The National Assembly of The Republic of Angola recently approved Law No. 9/2016, thereby establishing a new system of formation and execution of public contracts, in an effort to promote a more efficient and uniform application of the legislation for both public agents and private operators.

The new statute seeks to encourage the participation of the Angolan private sector through a concession regime and the contracting of private economic agents using new modalities. Among other changes, the law sets forth modifications in the formation of contracts involving public entities not subject to a special legal regime; the formation of Public-Private Partnership contracts; defines technical and regulatory procedures related to bidding and activities related to public works that have private participation; determines the public entity that will carry out the regulation and supervision of public procurement including registration and supplier certification; defines technical aspects related to contracting by public agents; regulates the modalities of procedures to be adopted depending on the value of contracts; and, specifies the rules of contracting and the content of the contracts.

Law No. 9/2016 will enter into force on September 16, 2016.