At Tauil & Chequer in association with Mayer Brown we are committed to meeting the needs of our Japanese clients in their global investments, and, recognizing that Brazil is a key emerging market, we offer a team of partners, associates and other professionals uniquely focused on the particularities of Japanese investments in Brazil.

With four offices in Brazil (Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Vitória) and supported by a Mayer Brown office in Tokyo, we are able to provide a unique service: high-level advice on Brazilian law combined with the availability of native Japanese speakers who can attend in-person meetings.

However, sometimes the best way to understand the client’s needs when the client and the lawyer have different primary languages is to have the lawyer with the deep knowledge of the issue in the room. Our Brazilian partners regularly travel to Japan to meet with clients.

After several years counseling Japanese companies doing business in Brazil, we understand the differences between the two legal systems and between the ways that companies from both countries do business.

Investing in Brazil for the first time can pose certain challenges for a Japanese company. We anticipate these difficulties and then respond with a deep analysis of the client’s business and the potential legal issues, followed up with straight-to-the-point memorandums and legal opinions that allow the client to make informed decisions.

The success of our interaction with Japanese clients, particularly the work being done by our lawyers in Brazil, was one of the main reasons that Mayer Brown opened an office in Tokyo. As yet, no other Big Law firm has shown the level of commitment and investment in both Japan and Brazil that our offices have. We believe that the connection between the two countries is worth the investment, and we are fully committed to continuing to help our Japanese clients expand their business worldwide.